Characteristics of Different Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers come in a variety of different geometric and special shapes. When you are looking for one to use for your next project, there are several things that you need to consider. This article is going to explain some of the basic characteristics of different kinds of vacuum chambers.

The Box Chamber

There are two basic kinds of box chambers. The first is most often called a rectangular chamber. It is often sealed with metal wire and copper gaskets and are most often used for UHV applications. The other kind is referred to simply as a box chamber and most often has one entire wall that acts as a door. The rectangular one often works well for medium vacuum operations while the simple box chamber works well at higher vacuums. Both types are reinforced with flat walls, making them extremely durable when dealing with low pressures.

Spherical Chambers

This chambers are often equipped with many entrances and openings in which can be placed many instruments for measuring the center of the sphere. They are most often used for applications in the lower vacuum UHV range.

Cylindrical Chambers