Golf Tips - Give Yourself A Reality Check

No matter what level of golfer we are, we often think we are doing one thing, when in fact we are doing something different.

The best way to check we haven't slipped into any bad habits is to give ourselves a regular reality check.

You need a partner or a video camera with a tripod to do follow this simple golf tip and get a quick reality check.

We've found that the little 'Flip' video cameras are great. They are good value and they plug straight into a PC and play immediately - no downloading or editing / converting - just plug and play...

Start by hitting some putts, making sure your stroke is as normal as possible. You need to be checking what you're doing on the golf course so don't for example try a different grip!

Take video shots from the front, side, behind and even behind the hole (being careful not to hit the camera!).

Move onto hitting some full shots as well, but be careful your partner is at a nice safe distance and clearly don't film any shots from in front of you!

When you replay and review the video footage look out for the following as a minimum:

Your alignment - in particular the shoulders, but also pay attention to your feet

The ball position - is it in the right place?

Your stance - with putting your head should be over the ball.

Your balance - particularly on the full swing. Are you moving onto the left side correctly?

The really good thing about this simple check is that you get instant feedback. Unless every time you practice you have a golf coach with you but if you can't get the feedback that you need this is a great way of substituting an expensive coach.

The camera never lies! As a PGA Advanced Golf professional I use my video camera a lot. Many of my students simply don't always believe what I am telling them until I show them on a video camera what they are doing. This includes very good golfers with single figure handicaps. Even golf professionals benefit from the occasional reality check including me.

I recommend you run a reality check around once a month with a friend. The sooner you spot an issue with your golf the easier it is to fix it, and the longer you leave it the harder it is to fix it. You'll find many more feedback drills on our golf putting lessons to make sure you're on the right track with your putting.