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Lost and Found: the Case of Jaycee   by Gwen Bartholomew

in Business / Customer Service    (submitted 2009-11-05)

It is something tenant screening services should concentrate more on: Women being abducted and kept imprisoned by some family who happens to be their abductors. A recent incident can best example this: the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard, a 29 year old woman who was kidnapped 18 years ago in front of her stepfather.

The year was 1991 when Jaycee was kidnapped. She was on her way to school when it all happened. While walking towards the school bus-her stepfather was watching her go her way to the bus stop. She was suddenly snatched then and there by a man and woman who were in a van. The said figures were seen 18 years later. Phillip Garrido, the man who took Jaycee 18 years ago, was spotted giving religious material at the UC Berkeley campus, with two girls ages 15 and 11, his wife and a girl named Alissa.

The girls mentioned by the officers that were with Garrido were said to be his daughters to Jaycee. After kidnapping her, she was kept in isolation in a "ramshackle warren of sheds, tents and tarps" found in his backyard.

The said UC Berkeley officers asked Garrido for identification. It was then that they found out that he was in parole for a previous crime: rape. Wednesday that followed, Garrido reported to his parole officer who had called him because of the report. It was said that during the visits his parole officer made at his home in Oakland (the office of his parole officer is in San Francisco), he had never seen the girls especially a girl named Allissa, who in truth is Jaycee. It was then that they discovered that Garrido and his wife abducted and kept hidden the girl for 18 years. More so he had raped her and had fathered the 2 children mentioned earlier.

Jaycee had been reunited with her family. Her mother had already been separated from her stepfather when she received a call saying that her daughter is alive. She immediately flew with Jaycees sister and grandmother. Even her stepfather came to see her and confirmed that it was indeed Jaycee. For 18 years he still recalls the event how he had witnessed helplessly from the window his stepdaughter's kidnapping.

Garrido and his wife are already in jail. In an interview, he mentioned how his life has changed while spending the 18 years having Jaycee captive. He said that this would be heartwarming if it were turned to a story.

The kidnapping of Jaycee is but one of the many cases that had added up the listing of missing people in the US. Kidnapping especially of women have been stated by the Department of Justice to be the most common, especially if sexual assault was involved. This alone is proof that tenant screening services should further check especially since Jaycees case was not a surprise. This is a call for people to be more alert especially of.