Motorhome Lodgings In North Dakota

North Dakota is all about wide open spaces under the blue sky. You will want to explore the state in a slow, casual manner, so here are some motorhome lodgings in North Dakota where you can stay.

North Dakota is the northernmost state in the Great Plains region, and the northern sister to South Dakota. Known in the late part of the 19th century as part of the "Wild West", North Dakota is still in a state of wilderness today. The third least populous state in the United States, North Dakota offers a lot to adventure seekers who enjoy hiking and exploring northern wilderness areas - like White Butte, the highest spot in the state, and areas of the Badlands and the Great Plains. motorhome lodgings in North Dakota offer outdoor enthusiasts a great way to see this untamed state.

North Dakota is one of the states that is known for being part of the western expansion. Lewis and Clark explored this territory, and General Custer's "Last Stand" took place here. During the time of Rough Riders and cavalry, Theodore Roosevelt led expeditions through the state. Today, many people visit North Dakota in order to follow the historic trails left by these individuals, as well as to see the beautiful plains of the state. Many families come here to follow the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which runs along the Missouri River as well as through the plains and buttes. There are 27 place markers and trail guides that were placed by the state in order to help you follow this journey.

Located near one of the Lewis and Clark Expedition stops (along the river, where you can take Lewis and Clark jetboat excursions), is New Town, North Dakota. This city is also home to other attractions - namely, the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge. This Native American casino is also home to an motorhome park, so it makes a perfect place to stay for families who want to enjoy not only the historic aspects of North Dakota, but also the casinos. Located on the shores of Lake Sakakawea, this casino, lodge and motorhome park offers many amenities to those who choose to stay here.