Panda Research Scam Debunked

You may have heard the term “focus group,” but you may not be entirely sure what it is. It’s a term that is sometimes associated with fields ranging from engineering to city planning, but it is perhaps most commonly used in the marketing world. According to Wikipedia, focus groups are an important tool in this field because they provide a direct, relatively easy way to acquire feedback about new products or services. The focus group allows marketers to test products before they launch and then discuss the findings; this is done by allowing a group of regular people to use the products and then offer their reviews. Focus groups provide an invaluable tool that is used in developing packaging, branding, and other facets of the way the product will be launched to the general public.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to participate, never fear. There are ample opportunities to take part in focus groups, and, these days, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Through the internet, focus groups can now be conducted via remote; in essence, you can offer your views on products or a variety of topics while sitting on the couch with your laptop!

Panda Research provides this very opportunity. This research and data-collection site offers you the chance to receive and rate new products, as well as to complete online surveys that will be used in developing the marketing approach taken to new products. And the best part is, not only do you get to have your voice heard, you get paid for it, too!

This is the real deal—not a “Panda Research Scam,” as some are saying. Those who believe there is any such thing as a Panda Research Scam are likely people who have been burned by other, less reputable services who make these claims, but Panda Research has a litany of endorsements—from regular folks just like you—that attest to the fact that no, it is not a Panda Research Scam. Here’s just one: Randee Woods, from Oregon, says, “Unlike other sites Panda Research paid surveys pay in large enough amounts that they make a difference. I've been using Panda for over a year now and I love it.”

And others are right there with her, endorsing this site as a great option for anyone to make a few extra bucks online—and to have their voices be heard and utilized in a fun and unique way!

By: Ned Stadford