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Some North Dakota Residents Should Consider Upgrading to Satellite Internet   by Justin Walton

in Internet    (submitted 2011-01-14)

If you're already signed up for cable or DSL, chances are you don't need to change your connection. On the other hand, if you're still dealing with dial-up in North Dakota, it's really time to move on to something better. You don't have to feel like you're stuck with a bottom of the barrel connection any longer; you can upgrade to satellite internet and start taking full advantage of all that the internet has to offer.

Cable and DSL sometimes get criticized for not offering anything innovative and not being available in more places, but they should be applauded for bringing broadband to the masses. They're available in most large metropolitan areas and if you can sign up for either one of them you probably should. There's a reason why they're so popular and widespread: they're both vastly superior to dial-up. The main problem with them is that they are wired connections that require you be located close to their infrastructure in order to sign up. If you live in a remote area of North Dakota, you wouldn't be able to subscribe to either one of them.

Some people know that satellite internet is a viable alternative, and some people don't. The people that don't know about it are probably signed up for dial-up thinking that the internet just has to be slow for them. Thanks to satellite technology though, it doesn't have to be. Satellite internet is surprisingly fast a nd you can subscribe to it no matter where you live thanks to the fact that it's a wireless technology. All you need is a view of the sky and you can connect. How much faster than dial-up is it? An example should make it clear that dial-up is preventing you from having a good internet experience while satellite can speed things up dramatically. Although it could take upwards of 10 minutes to download an mp3 online with dial-up, it would only take around 30 seconds for satellite. In addition, regular web browsing will feel much snappier. You won't have to wait a long time for a web page to load any longer.

People that do know about satellite internet might not be signed up for it because they think that it's prohibitively expensive. They opt to subscribe to dial-up instead, but are they really saving money? Dial-up is going to cost you around $10 per month plus another $10 or so for a phone line. All told, it's actually around $20 per month. Satellite service is going to cost you around $35 per month, or just $0.50 more per day. That's really quite a modest increase, especially since speeds will increase dramatically. Some people might say that they'd be paying for a phone line anyway so dial-up is really only $10 per month, but others may only have a phone line because of dial-up. Most people in North Dakota choose to use cell phones instead. In any case, satellite just isn't that expensive. It's really only a bit more per month than cable or DSL, which means it's just as affordable as them. If you don't have those options available, you definitely should sign up for satellite internet.